Stubbys House of Christmas       
1.  Lone Rider
2.  My Little Secret
3.  Sweet Things
4.  That Time Of The Year
5.  The Jingle Hop
6.  Home
7.  Fantasy Man
8.  Make Way
9.  Silver Leaf
10. Happily Ever After
11. California Christmas
12. This Is Christmas
13. Surprise Surprise
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Possibly the sleeper hit of the season (no pun intended), every track I've heard from this album so far is a Pop delight.  Sleepy Rebels are Jeremy Adelman and Bruce and Erica Driscoll (brother and sister), and together they make tremendous music that sparkles with joy.  The band describes "Bah! Humbug!" as a musical journey through Christmas.  The video features the song "Sweet Things".  And you can pick up "California Christmas" for free just about everywhere, but we'll just send you to Bring Me Up for now.  Expect another album from Sleepy Rebels this coming April.


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