Stubbys House of Christmas       
1.  La Dispute - First Snow In Grand Rapids
2.  Mansions - White Christmas
3.  I Call Fives - This Xmas
4.  Tumbledown - Run Rudolph Run
5.  The Braces - Jewish Guilt
6.  Hellogoodbye - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
7.  Balance And Composure - Away In A Manger
8.  Jarrod Gorbel (The Honorary Title) - Salvation
9.  Into It Over It - For Agnes
10. The Flatliners - Meanwhile In Hell (Acoustic)
11. KOJI - People In Time
12. Seanaven - Blue Christmas
13. The Swellers - This Is My Everest (Acoustic)
14. Aficianado - Complicated Coffee                                                                         LABEL WEB SITE
15. This Time Next Year - Out On Eastern (Acoustic)                                   DONATION THROUGH BANDCAMP
16. Annelids - Christmas Don't Be Late

In recent years, No Sleep Records has given fans a free download EP for Christmas cheer.  This year, they've gone the full album route--a mix of Christmas covers and originals as well as some exclusive acoustic versions of non-holiday songs--and they're offering the album for sale (at nominal prices) to raise money for charity.  The 16 tracks herein will cost you a minimum donation of 50 cents.  50 cents for 16 songs isn't a bad deal at all.  Heck, I'd pay that just for "Jewish Guilt" by The Braces.  Of course, you're welcome to donate more.  All proceeds will go to RESOLVE, an organization that seeks an end to the long running wars in Africa through applied political pressure and/or intervention.  The music on "No Sleep 'Til Christmas 3" ranges from soft acoustic to the straight up Punk of the Braces.  Tumbledown gives a respectable rocking performance on "Run Rudolph Run", Hellogoodbye gives John Lennon's classic a bit of a psychedelic makeover, I Call Fives sound fabulous on the original "This Xmas", and the Annelids close out the set with a nice pop reading of "Christmas Don't Be Late".  In between, we get some Alt Folk and Alt Country, and The Flatliners' acoustic "Meanwhile In Hell" is particularly tasty.  Make your donations through Bandcamp.

1.  I Saw Three Ships - Wise Children
2.  I Am Christmas - Laura Hocking
3.  In The Bleak Midwinter/Lonely This Christmas - Sam Airey
4.  Another Messy Christmas - Dan Michaelson
5.  O Little Town Of Bethlehem - Emily & The Woods
6.  Homeward Bound For Christmas - Evanjack
7.  We Three Kings - Bears Den
8.  Christmas Is Where I'm From - Tiny Birds
9.  Cherry Tree Carol - Dear Winesburg
10. The Office Christmas Party - Brooke Parrott
11. Silent Night - Josienne Clarke
12. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Salwa Azar


For Folk's Sake is a blog seeking to promote Folk music and the musicians that perform it.  Indeeed, to me as someone who hasn't visited much, it seems almost a cooperative.  I was somewhat aware that they were working on a Christmas album this year, but I'm actually surprised at the fine effort they put forward.  I even see a few acts I recognize--notably Laura Hocking and Emily & The Woods.  Musically, the album is pretty much UK folk--a bit different than American folk but perfectly understandable given that that's where the blog resides.  A mix of originals and traditional carols, the album was a very pleasing listen.  I very much enjoyed the arrangements of "O Little Town Of Bethlehem" and "We Three Kings", Sam Airey's medley of "In The Bleak Midwinter" and "Lonely This Christmas" (not the Mud song) was delightful, and the highlights (for me) were Brooke Parrott's "The Office Christmas Party", Tiny Birds "Christmas Is Where I'm From" and Salwa Azar's unexpectedly somber "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".  There's nothing essential, here, but everything's good, as is the price and the cause.  The artists donated their time and efforts and all proceeds go to the integrated Cancer Centre at King's College London.  100%.  "For Folk's Sake It's Christmas" is available through Bandcamp for a minimum donation of ₤1 (about $1.60).
1.  Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairies
2.  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
3.  O Holy Night
4.  In The Bleak Midwinter (feat. Savannah Moon)
5.  We Saw Three Ships
6.  Joy To The World
7.  Silent Night
8.  O Come All Ye Faithful (feat. Caitlin Coffelt)
9.  Carol Of The Bells
10. Go Tell It On The Mountain (feat. Caitlin Coffelt)

                          ARTIST SITE

I'd love to take credit for finding this album all by myself, but the truth is I owe this one to a FaLaLaLaLa poster who goes by the handle of "smacque".  Pretty much every day, smacque provides an invaluable service to Christmas music fans by actually listening to the daily holiday adds on Rhapsody.  I don't do Rhapsody--their software destroyed a lap top I used to have--but I know how much of what is out there is neigh on unlistenable.  You do something like that because, out of every 200 pieces of garbage, you can find a gem of an album like this one from Uncle Daddy

Uncle Daddy is a band made up of some of the finest musicians in Los Angeles.  They came together for a one time concert to raise support for aid workers to the poor in 2007 and decided that something that feels and sounds this good has just got to continue.  They bring their backgrounds in all types of music to the table--blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass, classical, soul, pop, folk--and the resulting mix sounds a bit like Roots Rock or Alt Country, but overall like a one-of-a-kind musical invention.

This is a band worth paying attention to.  Give "An Uncle Daddy Christmas" a try.  They do a kick-ass version of "Go Tell It On The Mountain" at the very least.  And they've definitely earned a mention on our pages.  Thanks, smacque. 
1.  White Christmas
2. It's Christmas Time Again
3.  I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
4.  Little Drummer Boy
5.  Xmas In The Jailhouse
6.  Christmas With The Band
7.  Silent Night
8.  Good King Wenceslas
9.  It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
10. Coventry Carol
11. O Holy Night
12. Arthur McBride

                  ARTIST WEB SITE

Canadian Roots Americana artists and Alternate Root favorites OX will be releasing their first ever Christmas album on December 7.  We've only heard what the band has posted on MySpace so far, but it sounds good to us.  One reviewer, Jamie O'Meara, said Ox had done the "one of the first versions of Little Drummer Boy that didn't annoy the crap out of me."  Sounds like high praise.  Can't find a purchase link just yet, but we'll get one up when we do.