Stubbys House of Christmas       
1.  Silent Night
2.  Do You Hear What I Hear?
3.  Up On The Housetop
4.  We Three Kings
5.  Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer
6.  What Child Is This?
7.  Good King Wenceslas


Just in case there is anyone reading this who didn't get a sense of humor for Christmas in the past, the following is presented with tongue placed firmly in cheek.  Just the "devious" parts.  The parts where I like the record--that's sincere.

OK, first of all, I'm calling it....Best Holiday Video of the year!  Second, as good as this record is, it's like a gateway drug.  There's a full length Christmas CD "The New Standards And Friends Holiday Show" and it looks like that one can only be obtained in exchange for a sizable donation to Minnesota Public Radio.  And you know that, after hearing this tremendous 7 song set from The New Standards, "Seven Songs Of Comfort And Joy", people are going to be wandering the streets with sunken eyes, sweating and shivering for another fix.  "But....I.....I....I need it, man."  "Oh you can have it...but that one's gonna cost you."

The New Standards are a Minneapolis Jazz Trio--piano, stand up bass and vibes--and they have deviously created a sound that should appeal to everyone.  It's true.  You can listen to "Seven Songs Of Comfort And Joy" as Concert Hall Jazz or as Bar Room Jazz, or just about anything in-between.  Heck, you can even listen to this as progressive avant garde experimental Jazz.  And that's just devious.  I mean, who would do that?  Only someone trying to conquer the world would do that, that's who.  Oh, and they do vocals, too; just not on this one.  And what's with the cover art?  Yeah, I know it's a lump of coal.  But just what do you mean by that?

Rarely do you see a Christmas record begin with "Silent Night", let alone such an original interpretation.  It's intoxicating.  And the hits, as they say, just keep coming--superb renditions of "Do You Hear What I Hear?", "What Child Is This?" and "Good King Wenceslas", a wacky "let's toss in everything" take on "Rudolph", and one of the best Jazz renditions of "Up On The Housetop" you're likely to hear...ever.  And "We Three Kings"?  "We Three Kings" is fairly de rigueur for Jazz artists, so I was expecting the usual.  But, no, The New Standards have recorded one of the finest Jazz treatments of "We Three Kings" ever.  It sounds totally new.  Kingly, even.  That's just....devious.

Not for nuthin', I would highly recommend "Seven Songs Of Comfort And Joy" to any fan of Jazz and most any fan of music, period.  The New Standards offer both hard copy CD and digital download versions through Bandcamp.  But...I...I...I want....I want that "The New Standards And Friends Holiday Show" CD.  It's got their cover of Britney Spears' "Toxic" on it!  And "Grinch"!  And "River"!  Oh, I want that record.  You're so devious, New Standards.  So devious.  But so good.

PS--The New Standards previously released "Candy Cane" in 2007.  You'll find it here.


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