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So if you thought the last post ended rather abruptly, you'd be correct.  I simply could not keep my eyes open.  For those of you who caught the post early, the typos should have been a dead giveaway.  Seriously, "Stunny's"?  And nobody told me?  You were going to let me walk around with that piece of toilet paper dangling from my shoe?  So, anyway, I may return with another post of free stuff, later, although our festive friends have been pretty much on top of those things since our last go.

But we found a bit of vinyl fun to brighten your holiday and thought we should let y'all know about it.

The Misfits are the group most often credited with starting the Horror Punk genre, and, lord knows, my Halloween mixes have been packed with their stuff for decades.  I don't have to tell you, if you ever listened to the Misfits at all, that the band has gone through several lineup changes over the years.  But the players that have passed through the Misfits reads like a who's who of the punk music scene.  And its always fun when they put out some new sonic waves.  Well, the Misfits have finally gone and released a Christmas single.  Or, er, singles, actually.

Horror Xmas, as they've called it, comes in two versions, both on colored vinyl and each limited to just 777 copies (you randomly could get one of the even more limited splatter vinyls).  The blue vinyl version features "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" (featuring Osaka Popstar) on the A-side and "the long anticipated" cover of "Blue Christmas" on the flip (not sure if this is an old recording or a new one; the details seemed kind of vague to me).  The green vinyl version also has "Grinch" as the A-side, but the B-side features an original written by Jerry Only, "Island of Misfit Toys".  There is (or was) also a "Horror Bundle" which features/featured one of each single pressed on red vinyl, limited to just 333 sets worldwide.  It reads "out of stock", at the moment, so they either sold through already or aren't offering it yet.  These are considered "pre-orders", as the vinyl is set to ship for arrival by December 24, but your purchase includes a free instant download.  And these are said to be available ONLY direct from The Misfits.  I haven't zoomed through the web to confirm that, but that's what they say.

Hating "Blue Christmas" as much as I do, I opted for the green vinyl.  "Grinch" is OK.  They punked it up pretty good without losing its essence, but I loved "The Island Of Misfit Toys" and recommend it highly.  I'm sure the band and their fans won't see this as a compliment, though I mean it as one; "Toys" has a bit of a feel and sound of the best of early Knack, only with lots more energy.  It would have been my choice for the A-side, without question.  Your mileage may vary.

For more details or to order, just mosh on over to The Mistfits online store.

While we're in this Alt Rock mode, let me give you the 411 on another collection that you shouldn't miss out on.  Merry Krampus is the 5th annual Christmas collection put out by Seattle's Green Monkey records and, really, they're all pretty great.  But I have to agree with Tom Dyer that this may be the best of the lot.

If you're reading this, you know how much trouble you go to every year trying to find a soundtrack for the holiday that isn't hackneyed, trite, or boring--a soundtrack that's different, yet utterly listenable--fascinating and, well, its a bonus if it rocks.  I'm here to tell you you can stop your search right here.  Merry Krampus is the thing.  Put this on at your next gathering and you'll have what you were looking for without any of the blood, sweat and tears of comping your own self.  Your guests will think you're a genius.

There's so much greatness in this collection, its hard to know where to begin.  The members of the Green Pajamas are everywhere on this thing.  The Deadlies offer up a bit of surf punk (the Deadlies have their own Christmas record, by the way), there's psych galore, pop that rocks and rock that pops, an infectious song about Dick Clark's annual New Year's ball drop, even a song about suicide that (considering its subject matter) is very compelling.

I was immensely captivated by the "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Snow Miser" medley from The OF.  It's got a little bit of everything in it--some "Time Has Come Today", some "Day In The Life", some "Take Five" styled Jazz, even.  All tossed together seemingly at random, yet brilliantly coherent.  Oh, and, "Spoiler Alert", The OF saw Mommy "bury" Santa Claus, so perhaps not for the kids or that squabbling neighbor couple.

Hands down, though, the track that makes this set a must have for the Christmas music conniseur is Dyer's own "No Lou This Xmas".  This homage to the late Lou Reed captures all the raw, fierce passion of the best of the Velvet Underground (using the chord progression from "Rock And Roll", no less).  They done Lou proud.  If your mix this year doesn't include this gem, you're truly missing out.  And so are all your friends.

This one's download only (via Bandcamp), but so completely worth it.  And, as it happens, all proceeds (100%) will go to MusiCares, a group that helps out musicians in need, no questions asked.  But, hey, if you don't have the dough, you can still stream the record at Green Monkey.

Here's a short version of "No Lou This Xmas" (the full version runs 5 minutes).



Your pal, Jim
12/04/2013 07:31

WOOOO! Thanks!

12/05/2013 12:51

Merry Krampus Stubby! And thanks alot for another great Krampus Song, you are the best.

Brigitte xxx


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