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Yeah, yeah, I know.  I'm not here.  And, now that the word's out that I'm not here, nobody's stopping by anyway.  But how could I resist....SINGLES!  And not just any singles, but limited edition VINYL singles...from the Netherlands!  I mean, that's just too cool to ignore.

Now, pretty much all the cool folks in our Festive Friends list to the right have told you about this project--and I will in just a bit--but I think I'm the first to be able to report to you that
THE PRE-ORDER links are LIVE, Yo!  Expected to be up by the end of October, the pre-order links went live yesterday.  Its the Netherlands, so I don't even know when yesterday was, there.  Official release, if I recall correctly, is scheduled for the end of November.

The folks at Snowflakes Singles--a start-up Indie label--want to celebrate the Christmas Single.  Its a time honored tradition that is fading a bit in this digital age.  The plan is to release four Christmas singles a year.  Obviously, a lot is going to depend on how well the series is received.  Each is numbered to just 500, is pressed on snowflake white 7" vinyl, and comes with a full color picture sleeve.  One side is an original and the other side is a cover.  Along the way, they also hope to tribute and preserve some of the great Christmas singles of the Indie era that maybe slipped by as digital downloads only and deserve to be permanently pressed to beautiful, warm, wonderful vinyl.

Now if this was just crappy crap crap crap crappy crap, I wouldn't have come out of my self-imposed semi-retirement to alert you.  But we're talking some of the best of the best of Indie bands.

The first single is from the Smoke Fairies, who are just HUGE right now (and deservedly so).  "Simple Feeling" is their original offering and their cover is "I Wonder As I Wander".  Sold!  Then we also have singles from The Miserable Rich, The Silhouettes and, oh my God, The Garlands!  I've been in love with The Garlands for years...ever since I first heard them sing "Christmas Song" in 2008.  For this series, The Garlands have rearranged and rerecorded "Christmas Song" and they'll back it with a cover of the wonderful Margo Guryan classic "I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You".  Sold, sold, sold!!!

The Snowflakes website and Facebook page will tell you all about these groups and their Christmas singles and, as we told you above, the preorder links are LIVE, yo!  You can buy just one or get a discount by purchasing all four.  Keep this in mind, though.  These are coming from the Netherlands.  The price for the full set is 24 Euros.  Shipping is another 9 Euros.  Translated to U.S. currency, you're looking at $45 plus for the set.  Me, I'm not buying a lot this year, but the Snowflakes Christmas Singles were at the top of my "must have" list.  And have them I will.  Just in case these singles aren't in your budget, Snowflakes plans to post some audio on their Soundcloud page in the not too distant future (yeah...Facebook...Soundcloud...Twitter...they're rolling out the whole magilla gorilla).

Thanks for stopping by for this important announcement.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled "closed until further notice" Christmas music blog.



11/12/2013 19:40

Glad to see you 'back'. I just got a download copy of the singles. Some really good stuff!

Bill Huot
11/13/2013 19:55

Glad to see that you are sort of backish. I'm in November frenzy getting my annual Christmas music sampler ready. This year I'm returning to a theme that I last did in 2004 -- a children's album for grown-ups -- although it could be argued that that is what my theme is every year.

11/14/2013 01:04

Just added all these songs to my station!

11/14/2013 14:56

No ones stopping by??? Not true, I keep on stalking your site and untill now I felt quite lonely without you. Meant to write you for a very very long time my dear Christmas friends. I think next week we will join the whole Christmas insanity. Still haven't decided if we should do short German/English reviews or stick with our mother tongue and write a bit more detailed reviews. ...

Oh well at first the Christmas season started too early for us while we were still enjoying a Golden October and then the flu bit us...

Love and Hugs from Berlin

Brigitte xxx

Your pal, Jim
11/19/2013 14:53

Hey, Stubby! I wanted to say that I've really missed you already this year. I look forward to (and count on!) your knowledge, style and love for this hobby we all love. I'm dreading thinking how sparse and Charlie Brown-like my annual mix will be this year without your help.

Hope you come back soon!

Your pal in Milwaukee,


11/27/2013 08:09

I miss you, Stubby...

11/27/2013 10:58

Ernie, we ALL miss YOU. We understand. But we ALL miss YOU.


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