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I really appreciate all the kind comments to my last post.  At the moment, I can't access The Fa (I hate computers), but I do post occasionally over at Imwan (use the link on the right).

But if you'd really like to do me a solid, if you've enjoyed this blog, there's still time to contribute to the Kickstarter project from the Bowmans.  They only have until August 1 to reach their goal and they're less than a third of the way there.  If they don't reach their goal by August 1, none of the pledges will be collected and Mrs. Katz (not her real name) is not going to be happy.  And, make no mistake, she'll blame me.  All the info and links you'll need are in the piece just below this one.

Since I'm here anyway, I'll mention that Nick Lowe has a Christmas album coming out October 29.  Songs include "Children Go Where I Send Thee", "Christmas Can't Be Far Away", a ska take on the Roy Wood classic "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday", "Old Toy Trains", and some Nick Lowe originals.  Read all about "Quality Street" at Imwan (



08/26/2013 11:21

I don't know why... but I like the idea of a Nick Lowe Christmas record much more than I like the reality (from what I've heard). Perhaps it will grow on me.

08/26/2013 12:04

Jim, I actually liked it a lot, fwiw. To me, Nick Lowe is "Cruel To Be Kind" and there's certainly none of that on the album. But I thought it had the feel of an early 60s "Christmas album from a rock star"--some Tin Pan Alley era sounding "standards", some cute and well crafted and executed pop songs, and a couple of intriguing and happy rock (as in early 60s rock--rockabilly, skiffle and ska) arrangements of really traditional Christmas songs that don't rock so hard as to scare off the easily frightened. I haven't listened to his recent stuff, but I hear this is a lot closer to that than it is to "Cruel To Be Kind" Nick Lowe. I thought "Go Where I Send Thee" was awesome. I thought his reading of the too infrequently covered "Christmas Can't Be Far Away" was Bing worthy (or at least Bobby Vee worthy). "Hooves On The Roof" was a cool original that will see its own share of covers in Christmases to come. My favorite track--the one that sticks with me most--was "Christmas At The Airport" (or, as I call it, The Edward Snowden Song). And I very much enjoyed Nick's rendition of "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday". I doubt anyone will ever top the original, but Nick's may be my favorite cover of it so far. On the other side of the ledger, "A Dollar Short Of Happy" does nothing for me and wasn't the least bit Christmas, he brings nothing particularly new to "Old Toy Trains", and I wasn't enthralled by Nick's "Silent Night". The real clunker, for me, was "I Was Born In Bethlehem"; sorry, all I could hear was "If I Only Had A Brain" from Wizard of Oz. There should be a lawsuit in three, two... But the positives far far far outweighed the negatives for me. And, in a year where I plan to buy very little Christmas music, Nick's locked in my purchase.


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